Pamela Lopker | Founder |  QAD

Pamela Lopker | Founder

“ we really believe that to create the best full-featured manufacturing erp software for our customers we need to work together ”

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"Offers Best Full-Featured Manufacturing ERP Software for Customers "

QAD was formed in 1979 as a small startup to fill a void in the manufacturing industry’s full, integrated business software. QAD started with a few local customers, providing assistance from the Santa Barbara, California headquarters. However, when QAD’s customers brought their products to the next level—international—the company changed rapidly to keep up. QAD also serves consumers in over 100 countries worldwide. Customers’ goods have gone global as well, and they have spent years innovating and expanding their offerings as their companies expand globally. “We really believe that to create the best full-featured manufacturing ERP software for our customers we need to work together.” says Pamela Lopker, Founder. The company takes pride in its contribution to customer loyalty and ongoing evolution as the manufacturing sector evolves. When awarding business to a new or current supplier, understanding their success in real time and in the past is important. The risk of onboarding a new supplier or product is reduced when supplier awards are tied to NPI projects and PPAP submissions. This ensures smooth consumer product launches. QAD EQMS improves coordination and connectivity by streamlining the supplier management process and allowing suppliers to communicate directly within the system.

The document management system in QAD EQMS ensures that your team is still working on the most recent revisions. Electronic paper routing and approvals keep the process going along smoothly and ensure that everyone has access to the right documents at the right time. Quality, compliance, and safety are all aided by rigorous and successful preparation. And as changes arise in the customer’s company, the QAD EQMS automated training framework ensures that training requirements are efficiently defined and addressed. Internal audit programs that are successful promote compliance as well as quality improvement. With a closedloop framework to handle product, method, and system audits, as well as manage any findings or non-conformities, QAD EQMS simplifies the entire audit process. It helps to Manage the electronic audit process in a complete, closed-loop system from scheduling to follow-ups or escalations, Simplify and streamline audit report creation, Integrate with NCR/CAPA for audit findings, and Support Layered Process Audits (LPA). 

Customer complaints must be handled immediately, otherwise the harm to the company’s image and brand will be irreversible. Customers can not only report grievances but also ensure that the situation is handled efficiently with QAD EQMS, which provides a full complaint management system incorporated with the CAPA system. Every product and process develops over time, whether it’s to solve a problem, resolve a customer issue, or reduce costs. The QAD EQMS provides full NCR and CAPA capabilities, ensuring that the customer’s commitment to problem solving is backed up by full support for these essential functions. It helps to9 Reduce risk from delayed correction or preventive action implementation, Ensure non-conforming materials are properly dispositioned and recorded, Reduce repeat issues, Built-in optional root cause tools, Quality alerts and Deviation management. 

Companies compete based on the efficiency of their supply chains, so ensuring that the four customers’ suppliers meet or exceed requirements is critical to their success. The QAD EQMS provides full supplier performance monitoring, which helps to ensure that best practices are followed. It helps to Aid in supplier development, Develop and publish supplier scorecards, Simplify communication and coordination with suppliers, Plan, execute and document supplier audits, Resolve supplier issues effectively, Recoup money and drive behavior change with supplier chargebacks, and Allow suppliers to manage their contacts and certifications.