Max Hillman | President | SURECAM

Max Hillman | President

We are a team united by a vision to protect the lives and livelihoods of fleet drivers, owners, and the communities they serve

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"SURECAM Deliver Real-Time Video Solutions that Enable Fleets to Run Profitably"

S ureCam was created in 2014, and it was the first and most popular network-connected dash camera in the UK. SureCam helps thousands of fleets around the world save money on lawsuits, protect their staff, increase driver training, and improve fleet safety. The organization works with a wide range of fleets, from some of the world’s most well-known brands to small, family-owned businesses, and is dedicated to making safety smarter. SureCam, a world pioneer in video telematics, gives companies of all sizes the visibility they need to effectively and easily run their company-owned cars. SureCam’s mission is to ensure that administrators are the first to discover when important incidents occur by providing them with instant access to high-quality video information at a low cost. The company’s signature solutions include a forward-facing connected camera, a dual-facing camera with a road-facing view and an interior cab view, and a dual-facing camera with a road-facing view and a secondary exterior view that can be applied to the rear or the side of the vehicle. Pair these connected camera options with the camera-only platform or the SureCam View or View Pro platform for additional GPS tracking and safety reporting functionality. The firm provides realtime camera systems that help fleets operate more safely and profitably. Technology, according to the organization, has the potential to make roads safer. Fleets now have unparalleled access to data, allowing them to operate smarter and more effectively than ever before. Data tells a story about what happens on the road – but when it comes to safety and claims costs, video doesn’t just tell a story; it shows the customers what really happened. “We are a team united by a vision to protect the lives and livelihoods of fleet drivers, owners, and the communities they serve.” sayS Max Hillman, President. The company’s global operations include Reading UK, St. Louis, Missouri and an international network of resellers across four continents.

We are a team united by a vision to protect the lives and livelihoods of fleet drivers, owners, and the communities they serve


SureCam network-connected dash cams and monitoring technologies defend fleets against false driving charges and high claim costs. SureCam employs industry-leading dash camera hardware and tools to provide video recordings in real time – right from the scene. The organization collaborates with clients to tailor each camera’s settings, giving them insight into the individual driving habits and accidents that each fleet is concerned about. Without the need for driver interference, SureCam’s forwardfacing wired dash cam provides fleet managers with instant real-time insight into crashes, dangerous road situations, and harsh driving.Also referred to as “road facing” and “front facing” connected dash cams, SureCam’s forward-facing connected dash cameras use harsh driving sensors to trigger instant notifications of incidents as they occur on the road to give fleet managers the supporting data along with video evidence they need to exonerate drivers and reduce insurance claims costs. 

SureCam has options for forward-facing and dual-facing paired dash cams. The main distinction between forward-facing and dual-facing dash cams is that forward-facing dash cams only capture the road in front of the car, while dual-facing dash cams also record the interior of the vehicle or a rear view.

Use the telematics data provided by SureCam linked dash cameras to the customers advantage. The SureCam View Pro platform’s all-in-one fleet video and GPS monitoring app allows customers to monitor real-time driver positions, review past trips overlaid with important output data points, and receive eventtriggered video warnings.