Kenneth Robinson | Founder  | Command Alkon

Kenneth Robinson | Founder

We thrive in an environment where voicing, nurturing, shaping, and sharing a diversity of ideas creates a means to solve these problems that’s why “together, we build amazing

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Command Alkon

"COMMAND ALKON Delivers Together, Work Together, and Grow Together Capabilities"

The company Command Alkon believes in creating a fantastic universe. The organization is significantly changing how contractors, bulk material manufacturers, distribution vendors, jobsite inspectors, project owners, and others collaborate as the Supplier Collaboration Platform for Construction’s Heavy Work. Command Alkon’s See Together, Work Together, and Grow Together capabilities deliver increased productivity, realtime visibility, keen business insights, and certainty of outcomes when building the things that matter. Customers have been able to achieve higher levels of quality and profitability through their projects and operations thanks to the company’s staff, software, and technology for over 40 years. The company’s headquarters are in Birmingham, Alabama, and it has branches all over the world. The products from Command Alkon are powerful on their own, but they’re even better when used together. The company’s solution suite has been meticulously built to fit seamlessly into your operations. The company helps create prosperous communities for all. The company excels when they listen to the customers and understand their problems. “We thrive in an environment where voicing, nurturing, shaping, and sharing a diversity of ideas creates a means to solve these problems. That’s why “Together, we build amazing.”” says Kenneth Robinson, Founder. This single statement encapsulates the company’s conviction that each heavy building materials industry counterpart contributes to something far larger than ourselves. Each constituent has an effect on and is influenced by the others. Prosperity occurs when all of the pieces are in place.

We thrive in an environment where voicing, nurturing, shaping, and sharing a diversity of ideas creates a means to solve these problems That’s why “Together, we build amazing


CONNEX is a safe, cloud-based digital network that connects individuals and processes outside of their own four walls, giving both building materials manufacturers, haulers, and buyers access into every part of the supply chain – at factories, quarries, on the track, and on the jobsite. Use the platform’s ability to send and receive electronic orders, passes, invoices, and other documents from all of your building materials partners and clients. On one platform, execute transactions with all of your heavy materials – cement, rock, admixtures, ready mix, gravel, liquids – and for all of your suppliers or clients. Through all of the customers’ purchase data in one place, you will gain new organizational and financial insights. Customers and trade partners will respond quickly and confidently to minimize delays and make important business decisions thanks to real-time intelligence and actionable advice. Act more closely for your trade partners by embracing digital cooperation. The CONNEX Platform offers customized experiences for all customers’ organizational needs, accessibility to enable data, analytics to help you handle exceptions, and actionable insight to help you make better decisions.

In the company’s digital partnership journey, we’ve enlisted the help of industry-leading service partners who bring value to the heavy work culture. To optimize cross channel effectiveness and streamline automated workflows for the programs and organizations, the company is currently integrating with these vendors and continues to expand its network of alliances and integrators. Command Alkon’s goods are strong on their own, but when used together, they are much more so. Through combining solutions and data that flows through their organization, they can leverage the power of connectivity across their supply chain and with customers.