According to Noel Moran, CEO of PFS (a company of EML), the primary rule to becoming a successful entrepreneur is to innovatively go to market with hot FinTech products and services that businesses need now and cannot get anywhere else at speed or as affordably. The PFS Founder is the current European CEO European Entrepreneur of the Year 2020. Noel has won the pan-European honour in 2019 and 2018, becoming the first person ever to win the treble. “I believe in not only working hard but working smart,” says Noel discussing about how he made it big in the industry. “Innovation wins in payments and FinTech and I like to encourage everyone on the team to think both innovatively and entrepreneurially.”

PFS, an agile and Dual Regulated FinTech, has become the payment provider of choice by delivering robust payment technology solutions and offering world-class innovation in electronic money. A pioneer in the evolution of the FinTech ecosystem, PFS’ award-winning solutions include eWallets, physical and virtual prepaid cards, IBAN accounts and consumer and business current accounts in the UK and Eurozone. It is pertinent to mention, PFS is one of Europe’s largest eMoney issuers and has returned profits for 11 consecutive years. With programmes active in 28 countries and growing, the company has the ability to transact in 24 currencies. PFS’ products and state-of-the-art technology platforms are trusted by Governments, Local Authorities, Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs), Mobile Network Operators (MNOs), Traditional Banks and a comprehensive list of Corporates.

PFS is chosen by other FinTechs to revolutionize the digital economy in real-time. The company develops a range of trendsetting mobile payment and wearable solutions securely and seamlessly by providing quick and easy integrations into mobile payment applications. “Above all else, we are agile which has made us a payment provider of choice delivering transformative payment technology solutions and world-class innovation in the electronic money space,” adds Noel.

Noel has built PFS’ success by operating as a prepaid cards and payments technology specialist. The steadfast leader states that it took time, but the company became the definition of a modern, fastmoving and innovative FinTech. “A large portfolio of dynamic payment technology solutions encapsulates the best that electronic money can offer,” adds Noel. “With cuttingedge technology and an agile approach, we are capable of delivering bespoke solutions that perfectly suit and meet client needs and requirements.”

For the road ahead, Noel says that PFS has an exciting array of new products and services to strategically develop and roll out well into the future. But one of the major issues he faces right now is COVID-19, but he is winning against all odds. “COVID-19 is a global challenge and we have responded swiftly and maturely in making our solutions available to governments and businesses around the world during these challenging times,” states Noel. “Emergency payment disbursement is just one of the ways we have helped countries to rapidly assist vulnerable citizens and those in immediate need. This pandemic has truly put FinTech on the map as the home of safe, cashless and Contactless payment options of the future.”