Rajeev Rai | CEO | QA Source

Rajeev Rai | CEO

"devops is helping businesses improve their product development process, execute quicker, and enter the market quickly, beating the competition and achieving higher roi with improved business outcomes"

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QA Source

"A Time Bound and Customized Service Providers"

The DevOps definition has been around for a decade, but it’s been more of a buzzword than it was ten years ago. At that time, the idea of combining development and operations was not in vogue. Limited resources stopped organizations from deploying DevOps solutions. However, the last few years have given us a clear lesson that every penny invested in DevOps is worth it to businesses. DevOps is helping businesses improve their product development process, execute quicker, and enter the market quickly, beating the competition and achieving higher ROI with improved business outcomes. QASource was established in 2002 and continues to expand from 20 percent to 50 percent each year. We believe in establishing good relationships and specializing in quality assurance for software. QASource provides high-quality QA outsourcing services using a centralized agile model that blends offshore and nearshore technical expertise with U.S. management. QA engineers incorporated into the engineering departments of our clients-allowing them to escape the risks that often surround remote testing teams. Emphasizing time-bound delivery and personalized approaches, the company’s quality assurance services help partners control the quality of their deliverables while keeping costs down. As a leading quality assurance organization, the central goal is to deliver on time, every time. QASource offers a wide range of quality assurance tools for various industries that help businesses build a quality assurance system that launches their products bug-free without the associated implementation costs and difficulties.

Establishments and Offerings

QASource is one of the leading providers of QA software in the world. Headquartered in Silicon Valley with offshore and nearshore branches in India and Mexico, QASource represents a wide variety of clients ranging from VC-funded startups to Fortune 500 firms. QASource exists to help companies reap the advantages of a full QA department without the related setup costs and difficulties. The organization offers comprehensive software testing solutions, automation testing, mobile QA, API testing, functional testing, exploratory testing, user acceptance testing, compatibility testing, SaaS testing, system integration testing, and Cloud testing. QASource guarantees fast software development with the leading provider of software testing services. The company offers high-quality software testing services on time, every time. The organization provides full software testing services to organizations of all sizes, and the company’s top-quality software engineers are experts in all types of software testing.

QA Source’s in-house philanthropy program, Gift Of Shiksha, aims to bring low-wage child workers in India out of the poverty cycle by providing them with quality education. Today, thousands of children are enrolled in the Gift Of Shiksha-and are flourishing in schools and hopeful for bright futures. The business provides exceptional flexibility in staff and infrastructure, so that service is rarely disrupted. The organization makes more efficient use of resources to deliver higher quality products more quickly on the market and offers cross-cultural expertise that breaks down communication barriers. QASource invests heavily in security processes and infrastructure to keep our customers’ software and data security.

QA Source ensures that teams are always on-line and able to deliver on time, every time. Through multiple power and network recovery systems, to procedures that minimize the impact of emergencies on our staff’s ability to function, to on-site preparations that predict adverse events, QASource is committed to ensuring that the devices and apps are delivered safely and efficiently.