We are data service industry and always committed to achieve “xdm (excellent data master)”. our consultants assist clients in planning suitable big data structure through interviews before they make decisions.

Top 10 Big Data Solution Providers of 2021




Lots of people have misunderstandings about Big Data analysis, which is not just about data visualization. A successful Big Data application should still be work on cost reduction as well as yield and efficiency enhancement in the company, combining with application scenarios among industries to deal with internal management, production, and profit issues through Big Data and algorithms. Various industries start to embrace Big Data under the development of loT and AIoT.  

XDM Tech is an expert on data integration in the high technology industry. They collect and integrate hordes of data in real-time and invest considerable resources for creating values from the data to enhance product qualities, processes, and yield. However, the general IT department cannot address the problems independently due to the fast, large, and complex data sets of Big Data. Therefore, more relevant industry knowledge professionals must work together in data cleaning, data integration, and data analysis (value extraction). Accordingly, XDM Tech is promoting Automated Data Processing Tools in the market, expecting every member in the company to get the hang of Big Data tools, upload the logic analysis from brains to computer systems and perform Big Data analysis real-time with high efficiency and frequency. 

XDM Tech’s data analysts are equipped with professional knowledge of the manufacturing field to assist clients in planning data integration. Their great service team provides high-quality service to assist clients in data integration, including database construction, ETL program development, data cleaning, data format optimization, etc. XDM Tech’s products are equipped with a flexible data query tool, allowing IT professionals to complete the data query within 15 minutes. Data users can easily get the latest large amounts of data in the database through their products without any SQL language skill. Alongside, text data can easily define the data import logic, and its integration with other data can be easily set in their products. 

We are Data Service Industry and always committed to achieve “XDM (eXcellent Data Master)”. Our consultants assist clients in planning suitable Big Data structure through interviews before they make decisions.

 XDM Tech provides users with various statistical analysis and Data Mining approaches, helping users quickly and efficiently find the variant (Root Cause Analysis) reason of the manufacturing process from a person, machine, material, method, measured. Their product function designers are senior data analysts in manufacturing industries who deeply understand users’ statistical skills and what data analysis algorithms are needed in real situations. Therefore, they have done full integration and logic automation for the functions of statistical algorithms or highlevel algorithms, which assists process engineers, integration engineers, equipment engineers, quality control personnel, even production planner in the manufacturing department, etc., in using their products.

Outstanding and professional staff in XDM Tech have always been their advantage. Experienced personnel are required in manufacturing industries to investigate and analyze for proper data structure design and plan. Based on data warehousing and data format for the analysis purpose, Big Data software can perform the analysis efficiently, easily, and even automatically. XDM Tech has successfully helped their clients improve yield rate and achieve standardization in the factories. “As a result, we can gain favor in the market. The product flexibility, our enthusiastic services as well as positive attitudes are all important factors for us to earn recognition,” says XDM Tech officials. “Our clients have greatly improved their work efficiency through our products, and both of us have also achieved mutual knowledge exchange via collaboration across industries.” XDM Tech makes continuous product development to stay competitive and to ensure the product quality and performance. The company spends efforts on studying various statistical algorithms newly published, expecting to meet the performance and accuracy of Big Data analysis via better algorithms and analysis index. “We are Data Service Industry and always committed to achieve “Excellent Data Master.” Our consultants assist clients in planning suitable Big Data structure through interviews before they make decisions,” adds XDM Tech officials. “In this way, our clients can get a better understanding about their own problems and needs before making purchases, which can contribute to positive consumer satisfaction with our products and services.” 

In terms of organizational level, caring for employees has been a long-term mission of XDM Tech, and therefore the staff in the company with challenging work are rewarded with a competitive overall salary and benefits. Regarding customer relations, XDM Tech whole-heartedly serves the customers with high quality and trust. Accordingly, service bases are established at Shanghai and Suzhou in China where data professionals are successfully and well trained for prompt and better services. In the following years, the company will go along with this success pattern to expand their service bases step by step. As for product level, in addition to the continuous optimization of existing product functions to meet customers’ needs, the application of AI intelligent algorithms will also be introduced in the future. “We hope AI analysis module developed through actual application scenarios can solve customer pain points as well as their specific problems accurately.”