The most common BPM challenge faced by companies is automating processes for compliance when there are multiple systems involved. Systems may be considered legacy or have limited integration points that encouraged manual processes. ImageSource and their ILINX platform have unique abilities and experience integrating and automating across multiple systems and seamlessly transitioning from legacy systems to digital transformation solutions. 

ImageSource was founded 27 years ago as an ECM system integrator. Through the experience of architecting and deploying technology components from other manufacturers for organizations ranging from Costco to state and local government agencies, they created their ILINX platform in 2008. They leveraged their vast experience to develop a leading organic platform that allows any organization to automate business processes automation anytime, anywhere, from any device. In January of 2021, they released their ILINX 9.0 platform, including leadingedge solutions like Records Director, Data Loss Prevention, Analytics, and our unique product ILINX Engage.  

By creating a true platform, ILINX adapts to the size and needs of an organization. An entire enterprise, a single business process, or a single department can utilize the ILINX platform for digital transformation and automation. Once the ILINX platform solves one business problem, organizations are ready to take on other processes. “Our ILINX platform onboards content in any form; documents, images, eForms, to name a few, from any device or application. ILINX Engage creates a unique user experience embedded into existing websites and intranets” says Terry Sutherland, CEO at ImageSource. If you take a quick look at customer-facing websites for banks or a State Agency, you are likely to find many PDFs that require  multiple actions by the customer and the organization.” ImageSource can automate those processes to collect the information in real-time, then initiate a business process that is entirely transparent to both parties and is and auditable. Our ILINX platform enables reporting on status, providing self-service, seamless integration between business applications “ adds Terry. 

ImageSource needed to respond to the rapid changes introduced this year that affect how work gets done. ImageSource did a few things quickly. We have created a Data Loss Prevention solution meant to secure Personally Identifiable Information and other privileged content work from home environments”” explains Terry. The ILINX platform extends an organization’s security policy to data and content that is accessible from anywhere. “Our ILINX Data Loss Prevention module is an excellent example of how ImageSource collaborates with our customers. We work with one of the large international credit bureaus.” A recent technology review identified the concern of employees’ going from a highly secured work environment to a mandatory work from home model. ImageSource envisioned the module, built a prototype, and now has a product module ready for release. “ImageSource understands our customers and how they use data, and we are experts in all forms of content. We can innovate solutions and rapidly release them on the ILINX platform,” says Terry.

ImageSource offers concierge-level service to their customer partners. They truly partner with them to understand their business challenges and needs. “We have a trademarked ECMECOSYSTEM consulting approach that takes an impartial view of an organization’s business processes. We help them document their current and to-be state to prioritize projects, identify timelines, and return on investment (ROI),” he adds. Most importantly, ImageSource then delivers on time and budget with tangible results and measurable ROI.

The company recently published case studies on Washington State Patrol (WSP) and City of Redmond (COR) solutions. Each is unique, but the common denominator is integrating into a specific business system that shares information with the FBI. With WSP, they replaced an unstable Access database solution with integration with their line of the business system that does not provide bidirectional APIs. They eliminated human error in rekeying information and an unsupported database, leading to public safety issues in firearms licensing. “For COR, we used our ECMECOSYSTEM methodology to help them move an on-premise solution to a cloud solution, responding to the city’s cloud-first initiatives,” explains Terry. Through the ECMECOSYSTEM consulting engagement, COR found ILINX met their needs automating police records and moving off a costly on-premise solution from multiple providers. For ImageSource, the challenge in both cases is integration points without the involvement of the third party. “We utilize our experience from other customers and the robustness of ILINX to deliver solutions that improve our customer partners’ resource utilization,” he says.

According to Terry, it is an exciting time for ImageSource and the ILINX platform, having cloudfirst strategies, SaaS deployment, and licensing models. Another area of growth for ImageSource has Managed Services. “We have hundreds of personyears of experience in multiple ECM products and help organizations maximize their resources by supporting their systems, on-site or remotely, with full transparency,” he explains. “We are preparing an EMEA channel strategy and are actively engaged with several potential global OEM relationships for the ILINX platform.”