Mohinder Goswami | President & CEO | AINS

Mohinder Goswami | President & CEO

“ our classroom training provides customers with the most effective way to learn, with live in-person training led by a certified ains software expert ”

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"Empowered Organizations Globally to Rethink How They Work"

AINS is a world pioneer in cloud-based, adaptive case management technologies. Since 1988, AINS has enabled companies around the world to reinvent how they work and how they create and implement emerging technologies by delivering innovative, agile digital applications and services to government and business markets. Built since its inception for case management, the eCase Platform allows customers to rapidly sell new products, digitize customer experience and simplify unique business processes across a wide variety of business lines without the limitations of custom code. Ready-built Strategic Applications for Human Resources, Analysis, Audit, Communications and Open Governance by FOIAXpress—promote time to value more, while providing organizations with more versatility to evolve as their processes shift. Together, these efficient technologies help consumers improve efficiency, reduce costs and produce greater performance. At AINS, a 100% percent US-based and owned firm, the company is shaping the future of working with big concepts that challenge traditional wisdom and a modern approach to addressing challenging market problems. Case management systems understand that certain enterprise processes are not predetermined transactions, but cases to be handled through a workflow. Through emphasizing workflow automation and case data decisions, eCase systems are more capable of responding to emerging criteria, handling unstructured data and enabling decisionmaking in real time than conventional BPM platforms.

AINS offers classroom, on-site, web-based and tailored training modules designed to advance your expertise easily and optimize the return on your tech investment. The company’s programme addresses a range of subjects and receives frequent updates during the year to ensure that students are up-to-date with the current developments, technologies and best practices. “Our classroom training provides customers with the most effective way to learn, with live in-person training led by a certified AINS software expert.” says Mohinder Goswami, President and CEO. The company’s trainers deliver onsite and customized training to ensure customers’ team gets exactly what they want from  their training experience. AINS Cloud provides a new, stable and fully flexible cloud platform to ensure that some of the world’s biggest brands and government departments can operate their eCase case management applications in the cloud with full trust. Since 1998, AINS has provided integrated data protection, data processing, reliability and availability for missioncritical applications. With its own FedRAMP-certified data center, AINS offers enterprise-grade infrastructure while providing proven, cloud-based SaaS technologies that fuel market growth. 

AINS operates a state-of-the-art data center with the highest level of compliance and uptime. The business takes security extremely seriously, even exceeding the strict safety standards of most U.S. government departments and workplaces. AINS takes data security and data privacy laws very seriously. The organization deals closely with customers to ensure consistency with the Data Protection Law. AINS has considerable experience dealing with Secret, Sensitive yet Unclassified (SBU), Personal Identifying Information (PII) and other forms of data that require increased security of integrity, availability and confidentiality. “In addition to our own secure data center, AINS has partnered with Microsoft to make eCase available on Azure.” says Mohinder Goswami, President and CEO. AINS puts together state-of-the-art technologies, creative methods and years of experience to help direct the enterprise of clients through the most difficult industry and IT programmes. With over 30 years of experience helping customers plan, create, manage and modernize mission-critical IT systems and processes, customers should be assured that customers have a partner that strives to help them get the most value out of their investment.