Doug Chartier | Director | MSI

Doug Chartier | Director

“ we guide our clients through the transformation process and bring them the data needed to make improvements ”

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"Combination of Expertise in Management Sciences and Modern Applications Development Techniques"

Headquartered in Northern VA, Science and Industrial Management. MSI is a remarkable organization with a rare mix of management science experience and innovative application creation techniques. MSI offers a range of quality process management, planning, creativity, logistics and human performance consultancy and preparation services along with technology development and deployment services. MSI is the first small company to serve as the lead consultancy company for two DoD Project HQ CPI deployments. In both cases, the CPI programmes work with stellar performances. MSI integrates expertise in process engineering, human performance and product development to deliver high-performance sources and information systems that accelerate sustainability and “Systemic Six Sigma” to clients. MSI focuses on designing process-centric technologies for nonmanufacturing processes in both the manufacturing and non-manufacturing sectors. The MSI team consists of professionals from Six Sigma, Lean, Policy, Operations Management and Information Engineering. As an organization in charge of Six Sigma’s nonmanufacturing operations, MSI has developed groundbreaking strategies such as Process Portfolio Management TM (PPM), Process Oriented Design TM (POD) and the POPPTM Mentoring approach that exemplifies the leadership in management sciences.

MSI focuses on delivering a small range of wellresearched options, known to be successful in various commitments, and highly impactful in enhancing results. MSI is a boutique consulting company built on the concepts of creative innovation, data-driven architecture and a strong understanding of management science. The business works at the nexus of policy, transformation, technology, engineering, operation, human performance and change management. The organization has seen all in MSI’s decades of strategic planning, growth of performance improvement skills and execution strategy. Strategic preparation seldom transforms into targeted activity within the operation. Successful companies understand this challenge and  have perfected the methods of strategic planning that hold them ahead of the market. The company helps clients create plans that articulate goals and efficiency commitments to stakeholders; supports high-quality, fact-based research and strategic perspectives that facilitate transformational decision-making; and is closely related to the organization’s performance improvement capabilities and operational preparation processes. This alignment drives the appropriate organizational commitment and resourcing that is required to execute the strategy. MSI’s approach is simple and effective. It leverages proven, wellknown strategy development techniques (i.e., Balanced Scorecard, Strategy Maps, Logic Models, OKRs and Hoshin Kanri). 

ies also have a pressing need to radically change how business works. This includes designing goods and services to address changing consumer demands, improving service management capability and making the most of the people, processes and technologies of the enterprise. The organization helps clients build innovative capabilities that enhance customer engagement, maximize resources, reinforce transparency and management controls, increase customer satisfaction, minimize costs, and offer more flexible and effective service delivery. The company’s tailored, quick, actionable and creative approach to market transformation leverages MSI’s in-depth, analysis methodologies to deliver rich, qualitative perspectives backed by quantitative results. “We guide our clients through the transformation process and bring them the data needed to make improvements.” says Doug Chartier, Director.

MSI engineered and automated Verizon’s national expansion. In 2020 alone, MSI assisted clients implement more than 600,000 hours of workload reduction. The MSI Robotics Automation and Innovation Lab (RAIL) uses agile project methods to rapidly design, deploy, and manage your process automation bots.