Taylor Odegard, Founder & CEO | NAVIGATORCRE

Taylor Odegard, Founder & CEO

A customizable, branded interface that conforms to your business objectives and operational goals to accelerate decision-making by simplifying the connections with your cre data sources and offering cross platform multi-dimensional insights

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"NAVIGATORCRE Leading Edge Platform for Commercial Real Estate"

NavigatorCRE is a cutting edge portal for Commercial Real Estate specialists providing safe access to relevant specifications, comps, maps and analytics unique to each product category in every market area. Commercial Real Estate is one of the oldest, most lucrative, vastest and important sectors in the world. However, it is based on provinciality and limited innovation, which has been detrimental to it. But it is not necessarily CRE’s fault that the technology industry has not provided the industry with enterprise platforms that can take on vast amounts of property, tenant, transaction and operating data that is a constant deluge for most operators. The Navigator Platform has been designed to be a consolidated source of reality where customers can link their data sources, staff, features, programs and ideas to a single holistic platform to do the most important thing in business, information. The NavigatorCRE Platform breaks down all the technological and operating needs of all CRE activities into a single engine that provides customers with full management of their cloud-based data to communicate and drive insights.

NavigatorCRE’s proprietary CREIQ(TM) Data Visualization Engine unlocks portfolio insights in seconds and lets customers make fast and precise decisions. The company shall develop strategic strategies which may be applied in the framework of real-time benchmarks. The company shall obtain immediate visibility into every vertical industry sector in order to detect market dynamics, dislocations, deviations and related similarities in order to optimize the product mix and enhance profitability. NavigatorCRE provides access to hyper-local risk assessments for staff and property portfolios to strategize the return to economic prosperity. The organization lays out a context for valuation, reporting and planning that is focused on evidence at the most granular level possible. The organization helps to coordinate key programs and combine operations on a common framework to successfully incorporate acquisition, management and disposal techniques. Instantly see the status of the project, price, valuation, due diligence, record & transaction management and contract execution. NavigatorCRE illustrates historic achievement and a consistent roadmap to achieve portfolio growth, market share and financial results. The organization provides partners with real-time knowledge of the progress of the enterprise, financial results and documents relevant to their contributions. “A customizable, branded interface that conforms to YOUR business objectives and operational goals to accelerate decision-making by simplifying the connections with your CRE data sources and offering cross platform multi-dimensional insights.” says Taylor Odegard, Founder & CEO.

NavigatorCRE simplifies consumer data collection with a smart data warehouse suite behind the scenes that can absorb data from virtually any source, organized or unstructured, to create a fullyconnected data stack. NavigatorCRE is hosted on the Microsoft Azure infrastructure and secured using industry best practices. NavigatorCRE offers customers the option of using the NavigatorCRE data cloud to handle and link data sources (lake) together with the company’s UI (boat) to dig into their CRE data-or just use Nav as a UI for customers who have already developed a data warehouse. The company provides a flexible, branded interface that is aligned with business clients, goals and business objectives at the company and consumer level. It helps to adjust colors, pins, logos and photographs to represent the personality of the customer company. The company’s strong, customizable market intelligence is seen in various formats, reports and dashboards. Crafted to tackle particular cases of need, the company’s BI and data departments ensure that client experiences are at their fingertips. The organization provides property sort, data base, and systems agnostics, while current point implementations interoperate with Navigator as a single unified network.