FusionStak is a manufacturing solutions and support business with several industrial domains. Through leveraging FusionStak’s industry expertise, years of experience and quality procedures, the organization is committed to delivering value through technical advancement. FusionStak’s value is to save consumers time and money by creative technology options. The organization will build a tailored application development solution to facilitate enterprise process management, data management, upgrade and migration from legacy applications to the cloud. The company’s strategy at FusionStak is to build a cohesive team that works together to build incredible solutions. FusionStak practices agile project management techniques to adapt efficiently to shifts in the customer sector. “Our customers are unique and so are the solutions that we provide. We are true innovators and are here to help our customers grow their business.” says Pratyush Kumar, CEO.

Since 2016, Fusionstak has been offering software development and related IT services in the United States and abroad. The organization blends validated methodologies, industry sector experience and technology capabilities with varied talents to provide high-quality solutions. The organization leverages a broad knowledge base to provide products that address the needs of its clients, market goals and budget expectations. FusionStak was founded with the guiding philosophy of delivering value to consumers and partners through technical innovation. FusionStak has considerable expertise in the usage of much of the modern development languages, systems and frameworks that are being demanded today. FusionStak can assist with all application development needs, including custom development, enterprise process management, data management, conversion and migration from legacy systems, data modeling, big data management and cloud services. CloudGavel, FusionStak flagship product in the Public Safety Sector, has been in operation since February 2016. This application (SAS) provides Law Enforcement agencies the ability to apply for search and arrest warrants electronically.

FusionStak’s mission is to become a world pioneer in cloud infrastructure and business intelligence services. Building on the technology, competencies and priorities of the organization and generating value for partners and consumers. The corporation would do this by working on the convergence of the emerging demands of our customer and the advancement of industry and technical change. FusionStak will be the first choice solution provider in the technology industry offering cloud computing, application creation and business intelligence services to companies around the country. The corporation would become an important part of the growth of the customer, partnering with them to accomplish their corporate goals and building long-lasting market value through execution and management of their technology. “Our team of talented, experienced and motivated industry specialists will be recognized as the best in their field. Our continued success will be driven by our people who will share in it.” says Pratyush Kumar, CEO.

FusionStak has developed specialized BI modules and robust end-to-end BI applications, including corporate BI portals, real-time dashboards and data quality control solutions. FusionStak can assist in all areas of business intelligence and data science, including data management, transfer and migration from legacy systems, data modeling, big data management and cloud data storage. FusionStak offers efficient data modeling and mathematical analysis solutions that contribute to stronger decisionmaking and strategic business steps. FusionStak offers solutions to the increasing complexities of traditional systems and allows companies to turn data into actionable insights. FusionStak helps to allow efficient use of raw knowledge that comes into consumer organizations every day to increase quality, optimize efficiency and boost customer service.