Mike Romeri, CEO | Analytics2Go

Mike Romeri, CEO

Our motivation to build an analytics company came from knowing that becoming a data-driven business is a heavy lift and is often most successful when executed one business “use case” at a time

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"Analytics2Go Offers End-To-End AI Platform for Enterprise-Level Companies and SMBs"

Analytics2Go has an end-toend AI platform for enterpriselevel businesses and SMBs. The business focuses on using AI to improve market analysis and price management for online stores, CPG and wholesale distributors. Analytics2Go has already developed and successfully launched a plug-in customer buying referral product (xSell) for all platforms in the Quick Service Restaurant industry as well as interactive channels in fast-paced restaurants. The company’s QSR consumers experienced up to 5 percent increase in sales and up to 15 percent improvement in earnings using xSell. Analytics2Go (A2Go) was founded in 2017 by a group of professional data scientists, engineers and management experts to accelerate the transformation of businesses to the next generation of data-driven business operations. The company’s aim is to make it easier for companies to use data to optimize recurring, mission-critical decisions in real time and at the point of use-by sales departments, pricing teams and supply chain management teamswithout managing long-term advisory commitments, software investments, external data acquisitions or the creation of their own apps. “Our motivation to build an analytics company came from knowing that becoming a data-driven business is a heavy lift and is often most successful when executed one business “use case” at a time.” says Mike Romeri, CEO.

Analytics2Go’s founders have tried to develop a continuous learning, integrated, AI operating system that could reside in the cloud and be used to provide AI-as-a-Service to any organization through tailored, purpose-built AI applications that operate alongside existing systems. A2Go partners with consumers to develop an AI approach, beginning with the detection of the most relevant cases of use of effect and progressing to the diagnostic step of data and processes. The AOA will usually take 1-4 weeks, by which time the company’s staff will have a clear view of your data quality and availability, an overview of the procedures related to the defined use case, and a plan for AI technologies that consumers will use to boost performance and sales. Using the AOA, the organization creates a data model to enable the use of cases for clients. Analytics2Go’s staff analyses the evidence available to consumers and seeks to learn how they can provide applications to client teams. A2Go prepares consumer data for use when sourcing external data feeds to have the qualitative knowledge required to consider the ever-changing world in which their choices are made. Global data providers can cover everything from live news feeds to world market figures and even more.

A2Go will either suggest a typical AI solution from the library or assemble a solution to suit the complexities of the customer’s business. Solutions are assembled from A2Go algorithms, APIs, and external data libraries that are case-specific and industry-specific. AI-models are guaranteed to outperform existing consumer practices. AI models constantly learn new data as A2Go watches, upgrades and maintains each solution-to provide forecasts and prescriptions to end-users. Run one or hundreds of A2Go AI solutions and pay for what consumers are using. Solutions are built with their current workflows to minimize improvements in technology and increase acceptance. “Our xSell product operates in digital and physical channels by providing highly relevant, ‘in contex’ product recommendations at every sale.” says Mike Romeri, CEO.