Seelin Naidoo | CEO | Intelliteach

Seelin Naidoo | CEO

These platforms are tools and systems that help law firms run their business with higher efficiencies and ultimately higher revenue.

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"Leading Global Provider of Outsourced Solutions"

Intelliteach is a leading pioneer in Integrated Managed Services for the legal industry that has experienced significant innovation and change over the last 33 years.

Seelin Naidoo, CEO, is responsible for the strategic direction and overall operations of the firm. Years ago, he had the foresight to see that the legal industry required change: to find solutions and help firms transform quickly in an industry that has historically has been slow to respond. “I started with Intelliteach 16 years ago, and have seen a lot of change in technology,” says Naidoo. “My goal is to lead the company with solutions that not only help grow the company, but also ease transition so that the legal industry can embrace change and become more successful because of it.”

Intelliteach was initially born out of the need for a Financial Management Services platform to assist firms with managing A/R. Today, the company offers a full suite of service support for the legal industry to operate more efficiently by lowering cap ex and increasing efficiencies across all departments. Their service lines include IT Service Desk, Financial Managed Services, and IT Managed Services.

A True Leader

Some of the company innovations led by Seelin include the introduction of several new software technologies that support their service lines including IQ Track Service Management Software, IRIS Business Intelligence Software, SkillBuilder e-Learning software platform, e-Billing software, and IT Managed Services. The IQTrack system tracks support tickets and provides highly advanced analytics that deliver intuitive results to customers. The proprietary cloud-based IRIS helps CFOs manage A/R Revenue with an advanced BI system and one-to-one communication with firm’s customers to see where A/R recovery can improve. Finally, in the newly formed IT Managed Services line, Intelliteach offers clients access to over 100 developers and engineers to support ongoing development and maintenance of their bespoke and off the shelf software systems. “These platforms all help law firms run their business with higher efficiencies and ultimately higher revenue.”

With focus on providing innovative solutions enabled by best-in-class technology platforms, the company’s bundled technology solutions packages let a law firm choose the platform that fits their needwhile empowering them with more efficiency. “Most investments in new technology fall under capital expenditures. By bundling and consolidating customized packages with us, outsourcing these services is less expensive and more universally compatible than building a proprietary solution on their own,” says Naidoo. “This also helps firms eliminat ethe costs of hiring IT support in house.”

Building a Great Culture

The company is attractive to potential employees because they invest in their people. They seek to mold young talent through recruitment, and then move them quickly into higher positions by offering the training, certification and education to become experts in what they do. “Take a look at our IT HelpDesk, for example. We are bringing in people at an average age of 22, and provide them with a host of certifications, training, and career launching opportunities. This springboards them into IT and IT management,” adds Naidoo.“The mentoring system we have in place allows us to build talent with tools and knowledge so employees can be prepared to assess the needs of our clients and of the legal industry.”

The company’s future endeavors involve actively pursuing acquisition opportunities that will provide them with additional legal-centric service capabilities. “This year we plan to expand to 7 total locations. With a worldwide reach, we will be able to provide the most efficient IT and development services possible,” says Naidoo.