Ratan Datta |  President & CEO | SPi Global

Ratan Datta | President & CEO

“education is another key focus area for us and as part of our csr initiatives, we work on enabling digital and connected classrooms and provide training to students."

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SPi Global

"The way forward for your data to be more accessible, adaptable and actionable"

SPi Global is a market leader in technology-driven solutions for the extraction, enrichment, and transformation of content assets. The organization’s suite of proprietary technology platforms merged with deep understanding of content workflows and data structures makes it the partner of choice for world-class information companies across multiple industries. While some of the business challenges are common across different industry segments and clients, it is all about how SPi Global transforms its business/operations to do things faster, cheaper and deliver better value to end consumers.

The amount of data produced through business interactions is growing exponentially. Managing large volumes of data (specifically unstructured data) that can be enhanced to support analytics and insights is among the key challenges faced by the client today. This is a fast emerging need across all industries. For organizations that are in the business of monetizing data, the primary challenge is improving data coverage, quality, and timeliness to deliver a better end product. SPi Global’s approach to meeting these challenges is a combination of platform-based solutions combined with workflow re-engineering and domain experts.

Established in 1980, SPi Global was among the first companies in Asia to provide content outsourcing services to leading Fortune 500 companies. From a single facility in the Philippines, SPi Global today has offices in 16 cities across 8 nations. The company specializes in data and content. SPi Global works in close collaboration with its customers to gain a deep understanding of the markets they operate in. Being a mid-sized service provider enables the company to compete at both ends of the spectrum (i.e.) large IT players as well as small startups.

Ratan Datta, President and CEO, SPi Global, said: “We believe that our size offers an optimal balance of established engagement, transition, and governance practices while at the same time giving the flexibility and nimbleness that you would not expect from a large organization. We have appointed senior leaders across sales, operations, consulting, and technology. They bring in market focus that when combined with the horizontal solution/technology provides a framework in creating industry/sector-specific solutions.”

Determined to remain at the forefront of cutting-edge technology, SPi Global continues to invest heavily in Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Natural Language Processing (NLP), and Artificial Intelligence (AI). These technologies form the backbone of the company’s platform-driven approach. SPi Global’s flagship SPARK platform is not only  powered by technologies leveraging automation and Machine Learning (ML) but also combines knowledge management, business intelligence, and lean operations principles to deliver productivity and efficiency improvements across an enterprise. SPARK brings together modular AI-based components to address the diverse data management challenges faced by enterprises across multiple verticals. SPARK is a one-stop solution, addressing data acquisition, data quality, and the transformation of analytics-ready data. The platform and its modules are especially powerful when processing unstructured data, an ongoing challenge for enterprises across multiple industries. Additionally, SPi Global’s unique SmartDub service is an AI-automated, cloud-based platform providing an end-to-end, human-managed voice dubbing service. Instead of taking either a pure technology-based dubbing approach or a traditional voice actor studio dubbing, SmartDub brings together the best of both to deliver localized content in 79 voices and 29 languages.

SPi Global aims to be the partner of choice for publishers and information providers across verticals including financial services, healthcare, media, retail, and technology. Looking forward to the future, Ratan and his team of experts at SPi Global are continuously working on an organic and inorganic growth strategy to develop the right capabilities. From a delivery standpoint, SPi Global is well covered today with offices in 16 cities across 8 nations.

As part its CSR initiatives, SPi Global has been partnering with its Clients in community building projects. The company has adopted a few slums in Metro Manila and built houses for the residents as well as a community activity center. Some of SPi Global’s Client contracts have a defined contribution to CSR by both parties.

“Education is another key focus area for us and as part of our CSR initiatives, we work on enabling digital and connected classrooms and provide training to students. We culminate these activities with an annual CSR day where activities happen in every site across the globe to bring forward the message of one connected SPi Global family working for the community, ” adds Ratan.