Panos Gialelis | Managing Director | Intelli Group

Panos Gialelis | Managing Director

"the company has been active for the past years in digital transformation solutions, having introduced a specific framework for co-operation with large enterprises"

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Intelli Group

"Trusted Advisor Delivering Quantifiable Benefits"

In every digital transformation project engagement, the company explores the challenges such as organizational resistance to change, lack of a clear vision for a digital customer journey, ineffective use of customer data, and inflexible technology and development processes. Thereafter, it comes up with the right digital transformation processes to overcome these challenges. Furthermore, the company studies the customer market of the clients to understand the unmet needs of end-customers and what the competitors are doing.

Founded in 2005, the company has an active multinational presence in Europe, Africa and the Middle East, enabling its more than 250 customers to improve their customer interactions better, faster and more efficiently, based on a fully digital approach. Over the last 15+ years, Intelli has developed a complete products and solutions suite by using technologies such as AI and machine learning and keeps investing heavily on R&D.

The company’s initial mission was to enhance the corporate value of its customers in a quantifiable manner and in optimal time. Its moto was “Trusted IT Advisor” and recently has evolved in “We orchestrate your Digital Transformation”. Based on these terms they have been established as a Business Software Consultancy firm that helps organizations transform digitally with smart solutions which can provide significant value to the areas that we are operating (Customer Engagement, Business Retention, Revenue Assurance). The objective at Intelli is to help customers make sense of complexity and do their jobs better. They closely monitor the financial and telecom markets having developed extensive knowledge in the area of Digital transformation thus offering customers end-to- end solutions in order for them to be able to deliver a seamless digital experience with concrete and quantifiable benefits.

Digital Transformation solutions

The company has been active for the past years in Digital Transformation solutions, having introduced a specific framework for co-operation with large enterprises. Their approach is to firstly analyze possible difficulties and ensure the added value for all stakeholders of a digital transformation program. Then explore the nature and history of the new demand and identify ways to incorporate key digital principles and review how the new approach will fit into new or existing business models. More specifically, the company’s proposal offers an integrated set of solutions in the following three core areas that are related to Digital Transformation: • Customer Engagement • Business Retention • Revenue Assurance

For every project, they perform a detailed business analysis based on workshops with all stakeholders analyzing the current customer journeys and designing the new ones. It is also important to note that most of their customers are served centrally through cloud versions and outsourcing methodologies. As a result, their software solutions are developed in such a way that they can be easily installed, deployed and used by customers through Intelli’s SaaS platform.

Towards the Future

Most industries are now positively impacted by the need for digital transformation, which has recently been accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic. Customer needs and expectations are now driving change - Customers want to be able to sign up for a new service, buy a product, open a new bank account anytime, anywhere and in minutes. Through the experience Intelli has developed, after a series of successful implementations, a complete Digital OnBoarding solution.

Intelli launched a new version of the digital customer onboarding product, which is now called idbox.The new service allows any company or organization to instantly build a digital customer flow. It also enables the remote authentication and registration process for a service or product purchase in just a few minutes, anytime, anywhere and from any device. The whole new customer activation process is now digitally transformed via idbox. The service is based on AI, Image Processing, Machine / Deep learning technologies and is available in the cloud at 24x7 level, offering ID Verification, Document Verification and remote e-Signature capabilities.

Turning to the future, Intelliwill work to accelerate revenue growth by again increasing investment in the most promising opportunities, as well as improving their customer experience. Having completed the transformation of their software to a SaaS model and adopted a concrete digital transformation consulting role, they able to focus on serving customers and generate new significant business growth the coming years. Intelliis launching a number of initiatives designed to eliminate customer pain points, to simplify policies and practices, and to equip sales force with world- class tools and technologies. They want to make it easier for their customers to do business with them, and easier for Intelliemployees to deliver for customers.