Ron Bennatan | Founder | jSonar

Ron Bennatan | Founder

"stop wasting money and time on methods that require special skills, cost an arm and a leg, and don’t give you the coverage or capabilities needed to achieve a highly effective database security program"

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"Offers Out of the Box Coverage to the Users"

JSonar is a successful, privately owned company representing clients throughout North America. The organisation’s team consists of professionals in the storage, defence, cloud, and information technology industries. Rapidly deploy a comprehensive security and compliance program at a fraction of the cost of traditional solutions. Even if users are deeply invested in a tool, but struggling to deliver value and results, the organization can turbocharge the users’ program, lower the TCO, deliver better database coverage, and acquire richer,actionable intelligence out-of-the- box.

Information Management teams struggle to handle database attacks, burdened by high costs and performance, generally confined to a simple collection of compliance reports. Legacy Data Behavior Management and native logging technologies struggle to turn raw data into security lessons crucial to performance. Database risk control became more involved with cloud deployment and the increasingly competitive environment of digital data systems. Today, companies have changed their emphasis from enforcement to data protection, while still seeking reduced costs and more achievable benefits.

The only all-in-one platform that’s built for simplifying today’s complicated and costly approach to database security. “Stop wasting money and time on methods that require special skills, cost an arm and a leg, and don’t give you the coverage or capabilities needed to achieve a highly effective database security program.” says Ron Bennatan, Founder, jSonar. “Expand your coverage, centralizing activity from disparate sources into a single, comprehensive view. With over 60 integrations and counting, you’ll scale with speed and get a 360-degree view of your environment across on- premise and cloud.” he further added.

Introduces and AI-Driven Security Sensitive Data Management  

JSonar implements AI-Driven Sensitive Data Management (SDM) and data security Threat Mitigation (SDM). JSonar, the leader in modern database security, announced substantial improvements to its database protection and enforcement programme with the introduction of jSonar 4.2. JSonar has expanded its experience beyond data management, auditing and protection by introducing an AI-powered “Learn from Me” SDM interface to help users more efficiently identify and handle confidential data and a library of personalized playbooks to help users take proactive measures and automate response to security incidents. “Building the best possible product comes from listening to your customers”, said Ron Bennatan, Founder of jSonar. “Our 4.2 update is designed to help solve some of the largest pain points our customers face on a daily basis and improve how they approach database security.”

Users may customize playbooks to automatically respond to threat events that are specific to their environments. Without the help of jSonar, users can easily create custom playbooks to integrate with security and non-security tools. JSonar now has over 2,000 integrations with everything from cloud APIs to WAF, vulnerability scanners, endpoint tools, and other tools easily added to the library. Database security best practices can easily be encapsulated into structured procedures within the jSonar platform to address the challenges associated with a lack of database security skills.

In the era of GDPR, CCPA, and several other emerging privacy laws, companies are more accountable for maintaining sensitive consumer data security. However, most companies struggle to establish appropriate security controls because they do not know where sensitive data resides. This release applies jSonar analytics engines to sensitive data, providing an automated lifecycle management approach for the classification, labeling, and mapping sensitive data across the enterprise.