The million-dollar secret to a smile

It is an interesting moment in time, especially for people like myself who were in the midst of the internet turmoil twenty years ago.

About 20 years ago some magic happened with the rise of public internet.

Everything then indicated that public internet would change the way we work and life, and still people like Warren Buffet did not invest in Google for example.

End of the day Google went 'live' I had my hands on a few shares at a little over $100.-

Now we see the same, with criticasters of Blockchain and Crypto. We are in the Growth phase with those, and the cowboys will soon have to clear the scene.

My first Bitcoins were spend on a round of beer in a bar, 3 coins for a large pint. Most expensive beer ever .. haha... Much later I bought some back at a heavily overpriced $635.- per Bitcoin

Quantum and 6-G are already rising at the horizon, ready to fast-track any development and application use.

I am so happy to be alive today. The possibilities are mind blowing and it is even getting bigger and better.

Availability, attainability, and connectivity are to me the key drivers. Money makes the world go round, regardless of the payment method; cash is cash and also that definition is ready for a change. What is small now will grow wildly

Whatever is small now, let it grow wildly. Don't try and cultivate it, just let it rise; the weed and the crop.

Me, I am a happy UHNW Initial Smile Token individual. My smiles are as stable as anything on this earth. More precious than gold and more consistent than the Swiss National Bank.

And you know my point of view regarding to your smile: Don't store it, but invest it. Never lose your smile, though. But if you do, then contact me and I give you one for free :))


Cheers, Brian


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