Lola Kakes: How do you Manage?

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How do you Manage?

Lola Kakes, Founder, EffortlessHR

How do you manage the paperwork of running your business? You probably use some type of accounting software to handle the processing of bills, payments, invoices, and payroll. You may do it in-house or you may use an outsourced accounting system. No matter which you use a system of some sort.

But, what do you use to better organize and manage your staff? If you are like a lot of small to mid-sized businesses, you have spreadsheets for all the different requirements and obligations you have to have if you have employees/contractors. You may have personnel files that you just have in a file and when necessary you place a piece of paperwork in it. You may have a Handbook that you copied from your last place of employment – thinking if it was good enough for that company it will be good enough for me.

If you don’t have a Handbook, you may just try to remember what you told one employee so you can hopefully be consistent with other employees. If that happens, you may have had employees complain that you are not being fair and are “discriminating” against them. If that happens, watch out as that may be a preview to a legal complaint – which you don’t want to have happen!

When you are first starting your company and you are very small (called a micro-company), this all may be acceptable. As you grow and prosper, however, you really need to look at using more systems. You may have hired an accountant to manage all the accounting issues and you may have hired an Office Manager that you turn over the “people issues” to – in addition to all other management duties.

If you have done that, think about using a Human Resource System to help in the day to day management of your staff! It will help you (and whomever you have doing the actual people stuff) save time, be consistent, provide guidance, have everything in one place, and be accessible to those YOU give authorization to.


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